How To "Crypto" The Right Way

With cryptocurrency becoming a rising activity all around there world there has been a influx of new investors looking to grab their slice of the crypto pie. Many traders can investors can feel overwhelmed with the sheer slotamount of information that is required to partake into crypto buying and trading. Our beginner's guide is packed with insightful articles, youtube videos from the top crypto experts and many useful links to help assist you on your journey. The 51-page e-book includes a table of definitons for everyday crypto slang and terms, informal charts and detailed explanations for creating accounts, buying crypto and how to spot potential scams. It is a must have for any serious newcomer.

My Crypto Journey

I started trading cryptocurrency earlier in the year around January 2021. Coming over from the world of stocks made it somewhat easier but I immediately noticed the depth and diffculty of finding a one stop source for everything cryptocurrency related for new investors. Many of the sites I visited for research only had sections covering one or two topics and this proved to be cubersome when dealing with the fast paced action of the crypto world. So i decided to use my skills to create a reference guide for all newcomers that covers the things you need to know off bat before diving in. I hope that you will enjoy it and support me by spreading the word to others. You should have fun when dealing with crypto, and this guide will help you to do so.